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Hi, I'm Carla Louise, a Fashion Consultant & Designer based in San Francisco.

I offer a range of services and specialize in taking products from initial concept to design and through to production. I work with brands and start-up, large and small, creating meaningful and effortless designs, providing technical expertise and sustainable solutions that deliver results for brands, like yours. ​

Having worked with established fashion brands for over a decade, I am skilled in industry-standard practices, creating innovative designs, trend forecasting with an in-depth market understanding.

See below for the services I offer and you can contact me here for more information or a quote.

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Work With me

The Consulting sessions are built respectively to your business needs, the areas I cover include;

  • Introduction to fashion - Understanding the process - Idea to Sample and everything in-between

  • Fashion Brand Start-up - Concept to design to Production.

  • Apparel Design - I believe in finding your brand’s voice, becoming a leader, not a follower.

  • Forecasting Trends - Understand the market to be able to stand out from the noise.

  • Sustainable solutions - Fabric, trims and the afterlife of your product.

  • Manufacturer sourcing guidance

Apparel Design & Development 

‘Turning Ideas into Product that Sells.’

I believe in working in a way that is creative, productive and responsible. At the end of the day, you want your product to sell.

We start with the concept either proposed by you or directed by me. Then the fun begins and we work on a series of design rounds; proposing concept designs, drawing on my expertise of product knowledge, fabric, and

in-depth market understanding.

  • Creative Direction

  • Ideation and Concept Development - tailored to your brand identity and pricing structure

  • Moodboards

  • Colour palette creation

  • Range plans

  • Garment design 

  • Print design

  • Graphic design

  • Label design

  • Fabric suggestions

I can work into a specific garment area, or present a complete collection of ideas depending on your requirements. 

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Tech- Packs

The next step is making your ideas come to life. Having worked in the industry for so long I understand tech-packs inside and out. I create industry-standard technical packs specific to your garment, which can be used worldwide. 

Tech packs are an essential part of producing your garments as they provide clear instructions, minimizing the risk of mistakes, saving time and money.

  • Technical drawings

  • Tech packs, including design call outs, measurements, grade rules, construction, and more

  • Instruction on working with suppliers 

  • Fit sample comments

  • Product development

  • Manufacturer sourcing guidance

  • Critical path planning and management

I can also provide Tech-Pack worksheet templates here

Illustration | Prints | Graphics

‘Making eyes go wow and heart go boom’


Need Illustrations of your designs for your social media, website, brand or investor meetings. I create detailed illustrations in full color or/and print to bring those designs to life. 

Need Print or/and Graphic design created for your collection. I create beautiful and original artworks that will excite and draw your customers in. 

Fashion Design CAD course

Do you need Illustrator support or instruction for Fashion & Design?

The course sessions are private and tailored specifically to your needs. Topics I’ve worked with clients on include;

  • Illustrator - Intro to Illustrator ( The Basics )

  • Illustrator - For Fashion Flats ( Key tool for creating a professional fashion flat)

  • Illustrator - Graphic & Prints for fashion

All levels welcome, from total newbies, fashion design students to designers who need some extra support.

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